One of those days…

I’m just not feeling it today… Once a month I am lucky enough to experience a couple days where I feel pretty down. Today is one of those days.

I have no motivation at all…. luckily I am at work which means I don’t need much motivation, as shown in my writing of a blog instead of putting files into boxes.

So I’m going to list a bunch of awesome things about today to make myself happier!

  1. Got to wear new skinny jeans, one size smaller than I used to wear! Hooray!
  2. I have received a lot of compliments about said jeans and the sexy new boots that accompanied them. I love my new boots.
  3. I get to try a new recipe tonight! Eggrolls and quinoa fried “rice”
  4. My new phone may have arrived in the mail (The hope makes me happy)
  5. My fitness games may have also arrived in the mail. (Come on post office I believe in you!)
  6. No management here at work for the rest of the day, so a little bit of slacking won’t get me into any trouble.
  7. I have a friend coming over to hang out tonight, which means hours of chit chat and coffee.
  8. Tonight I get to make delicious treats for my holiday potluck tomorrow. This means I will have to taste test them so I know they are delicious enough for my co workers!

Thats actually a pretty good list! Yay for me! ha ha. Now I feel a bit better. Sometimes a tiny venting session is all that I need.


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