Sweet Sunday Night

Ahhh I love Sunday nights. My weekends are Sunday Monday, so Sunday nights are one of my favorite of the week. Actually Sundays are one of my favorite days.

Today I got to relax a bit, but I also got some activity in! My Mom and I went for a long walk along the river. The view of the mountain is spectacular and the weather today was gorgeous. We walked almost 3 miles.

Problem is… I forgot my fitbit again which means it didn’t sync my walk to my tracker. Booooooo 😦 Oh well. We used an app on my Moms phone to keep track of it.

I had to go to the store as I bought some dry shampoo to try last night, but it decided to leak in my bag…. awesome. I had some newly purchased yarn in that bag, which now smells like dry shampoo. Luckily it doesn’t smell bad. I’m just glad the lady at the store put the stuffed animal I bought for my friends daughter in a different bag.

Well, today is a day of yarn balling, doily making, walking and relaxing.

…….And I realize this was a boring entry…. but that’s life isn’t it. Some days are boring, some days are fun, some make you sad and some make you unbelievably happy.  Since this is my blog I chose to write about my boring day, because to me it was awesome!

Anyway, I still have more yarn to ball!


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