Brain not Braining Today

Tuesday…. Unlike Sunday, I strongly dislike Tuesday. It’s my Monday, first day back to work, first day having to get up early, and weigh in day. I try my hardest but concentration and brainpower are just not on my side on Tuesday.

I forgot my fitbit again. I seriously need to attach it to my bra tonight so I can’t forget it tomorrow. It is currently sitting on my desk at home…. fully charged and showing zero steps… bummer.

I usually don’t track my food on Tuesday, becuase it’s weigh day, but a couple weeks ago I forced myself to get really serious so I started tracking on Tuesdays. So far I have had a breakfast shake, a granola bar, some popcorn, and a cookie that one of my coworkes made. It was a damn delicious cookie and totally worth the points. Thats all that I’m eating until after I weigh in. I try to keep it as light as possible until weigh in, just hoping to not add on extra weight in food.

I’m slightly nervous for weigh in tonight. I know I stayed within my weekly points but for some reason I just have this fear that I’m gonna be up. It’s like the potluck is just settling in to my body now, and all the deliciousness I enjoyed is going to add the pounds today. Well I will update once I weigh in to let you know what the actual outcome is.

So I’m loving my new phone! New tech is always so fun. Changing themes, customizing, new ringtones, wallpapers, sending test texts, logging on to all my social media (Really not so fun that one) and of course taking selfies to test the camera! This phone is so fast. It makes me happy.

Bonus New Phone Selfie!

Bonus New Phone Selfie!

I still have no crochet done in the last couple days. I’m supposed to be working on a doily but I’ve been procrastinating and cleaning up and balling my yarn still. At least that’s also productive ha ha.



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