Too Many Baked Goods!

Ahhh  Christmas Season! I love it. I love being with my family. I love giving gifts. What I don’t love, is my love of baked goods! My Mom did a whole bunch of Christmas baking this weekend. We had butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, and cookies…

I certainly indulged… It was all so delicious. I weigh in tonight, and hopefully I did keep on top of it as much as I feel like I did. I tracked every bite and I’m still within my points so I should be fine.

After weigh in tonight, I am going to try to worry less about what I eat. This week is bad. Tomorrow there will be treats at work, plus we always eat appies for dinner on Christmas eve, my Mom has some more cookies to bake tomorrow. Next is Christmas day itself, big breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and sausage. Then of course there is the Christmas chocolates in the stockings. Top it all off with a big turkey dinner with all the fixin’s and vegetables…. yikes! Oh and of course, my Dad is only here until Saturday, and my birthday is Tuesday so on Friday night we will be having my birthday dinner at a steakhouse…. So I’m pretty screwed this week I think.

The next weigh day after this one is my birthday though. So I’m thinking I might just skip the whole thing. Give myself a break. Then I will head back for the next meeting.

I think that allowing yourself to enjoy is not a bad thing. This week will take me off track but it is just this one week. I would really like to enjoy it, but I also know that I would feel better about enjoying it if i try to keep it reasonable. I don’t need my Christmas to be littered with guilt.

Heh… I fear i might sound like I’m trying to talk myself into something bad here. I promise I’m not. I just hate it when people don’t let themselves enjoy life, and I don’t want to be that person.

At my last meeting someone was talking about how they never eat their bonus points or all their daily points and they feel deprived, and I’m sitting there thinking “Well that’s because you are depriving yourself”. Weight loss is hard, and it is slow. But you cannot just deprive yourself of everything you enjoy. Food is a pleasure. Something that we all want and need. It’s not shameful or dirty to eat foods you enjoy, you just need to really work on moderating the actual amount you eat. Instead of fast food three times a week, cut down to once a week, or every other week. I personally know that as soon as I tell myself I can’t eat something, it is all I want.

Anyway, that was a little bit rambly… But I feel good to have gotten it out of my head and into words.

I really hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year!!!


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