No Resolutions


Happy New Year!!

I took a complete break. A break from blogging, a break from Weight watchers… It was fun.

I don’t make New Years resolutions. I tend to view all things like that as lifestyle changes. These are all things that I would do regardless of the date. If i had to make resolutions I would say: To continue to lose weight by tracking and making smart choices. To quit smoking. To get fitness to be a bigger part of my life. To try to become more of a morning person and not growl at my family in the morning.

Every minute of every day is a brand new clean slate. Just because you indulged one day does not mean you have to wait a year, a month a week or a day to make a better choice. There is a new minute coming up in a matter of moments. Just go for the better choice as soon as possible!

I gained around 4lbs in the last two weeks. So now I need to get back on track. I know exactly what happened and I’m cool with it. I knew I would gain so I’m not surprised or upset. The gain was so worth it. I enjoyed the company of family and friends, had a lot of fun, and ate and drank some delicious things. Now its a time to be serious again and start making those smart choices.

I made a smart choice last night in picking up the Allen Carr Easyway to quit smoking book I own, and cracking it open. I’m quite excited to quit smoking. Saving money is a big deal to me and wasting it on killing myself is just not cool. Not to mention all the health stuff… As a smoker I can quite honestly say the health risks don’t scare me. But thats what the evil maiden nicotine does. She makes you think she is above all that. I’m scared of quitting for social reasons mostly. I will miss the habit, I will miss having one after dinner, and having one while driving to and from work, and I will miss my smoking friends at work. I will have to find something more healthy to do on my breaks. Perhaps I will walk around the mall and gain some steps. I think that would be a smart choice.

Today I started tracking again. First time in the last couple weeks I have tracked. Thankfully next week takes me back into the routine I am used to. All these days off are really screwing with me. I’m hoping that by my next weight watchers meeting on Tuesday I will weigh in and only be up 2lbs as opposed to 4lbs.

I did spend a lot of time over the last couple weeks walking, and I did make some smart choices. I’m not a big fan of sweets so I only ate things I knew were worth it to me. I am a big fan of steak, turkey, stuffing, appies, cheese, crackers, chips…… well I think you get it. Oh and a whole bottle of wine on NYE is never a good plan for weight loss. It is better than having a bunch of sugary coolers, or beer… but really not much.

I’m not a drinker. I don’t particularly like to drink or get drunk. I’m more than happy being the DD. But I had rides all figured out for NYE so I took out one of my nice bottles of red wine and enjoyed it! It was so delicious. Definitely worth it. It did make me a bit of a drunky-pants, but hey, we are almost all drunk at one time or another. I woke up with a pretty small hangover though (just a bit of a headache really) and treated myself to a greasy Mcdonalds lunch and coffee, and about 3 bottles of water. Always good hangover treatment ha ha. I will stick to being the DD for the next little while though.

Tonight I’m gonna do some Zumba! I’m pretty excited. I think it will be fun once I get into it!

Its so weird today, I feel like it is Tuesday, but it is Friday. Today is a stupid day at work and I still have to work tomorrow. All in all it is better than it being a Tuesday. The weekend will be here soon! Hooray!

Well time to make another smart choice, and get to work…. blogging does nto pay my bills ha ha.


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