Short and sweet!

Yesterday was my first weight watchers meeting in two weeks, I skipped last week because it was my birthday.

After all my holidaying and all my birthday eating I was up only 0.6lbs! Hooray!

I did stay mindful of what I was choosing and I also was still making time for fitness. I’m pretty proud of that. Now I’m going to work on losing it!

Also, after all my talk about goals yesterday I figured I should actually do the math to see how much I actually need to lose in order to reach my goal. I have 93lbs to go!! Holy crap….thats double digits! It’s exciting when the amount you need to lose goes from triple digits to double digits.

Have a great day all!!


2 thoughts on “Short and sweet!

  1. Break that 93 lbs. into smaller goals! 5lbs here, 5lbs there it will add up! Even reward yourself for each 5lbs, that worked great for me. I would get a new shirt at 5lbs. then another 5lbs. new nail polish, 5% was a massage, etc. Good luck!


    • That’s my plan!! Small attainable goals šŸ™‚ my first is 6lbs, so I can get my 10% šŸ™‚ the rewards are a good idea… I’ve always been stumped on what to use as rewards… Thanks for the ideas!!

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