I’ve been greatly lacking in writing ideas lately… You know how sometimes you feel like you really just want to write but not one single good idea comes to your head?

Honestly if I had posted more this week I would probably have just gone off about how boring work was, how I’m mad at myself for not even attempting to work out once this week, how I ate nothing but take out yesterday for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s been a very lazy week. I do blame it on the fact that this is week one of back to routine. I ate relatively well, yesterday was a splurge and it was lovely! I enjoyed every bite, but I wanted so bad to not use too many weeklies this week, as opposed to using almost all of them. Life happens though and it’s ok. I’m still within my weeklies and the next couple days will be on point.

Sometimes I worry too much. I’m too hard on myself. But I think we all are. We are our own worst critics right?

Alright so, after this week, which was long and exhausting… I’m going to stop right now! Right this second. As of this moment I am back on track. I’m going to continue tracking my food and tonight I’m going to get some fitness. My fitness plan for tonight is: Play Jillian Michaels Game and Walk with my brother. Sounds simple, sounds achievable, and now it’s public so I’m going to be held accountable!

I am going to need activity. I had my last cigarette today. You know what I’m not even upset about it. I’m just glad I don’t have to stop and pick up a pack on my lunch break. I am planning on using activity to pass the cravings. The first three days are the hardest because that is when the nicotine is heaviest and leaving your body. So my plan is that when a craving hits I’ll do something active for a couple minutes. I will go do 30 jumping jacks, or a bunch of crunches, lunges, oblique workout, whatever crosses my mind! and I’m thinking that will help me to pass the next few days!

I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday, and I could actually see that my stomach is smaller…..Thats a strange sight isn’t it? I love noticing my size change. It makes me happy everytime. I notice in pictures of myself, and more than anything with clothing. I tried on jeans at a store the other day, because I had a 50% off coupon, and I decided to go straight for a pair one size smaller than what I normally wear…well… they were too big! I almost cried!! So my normal size and the size I’ve been in for years now is 22, the pair I tried on were 20! So back out into the store I went to grab an 18. I tried that pair on and it fit perfectly! They were still a lot of money at half off, so I didn’t buy them, instead I bought 2 shirts and a jacket in a 1x…I was previously in a 3x. The three items together were cheaper than the jeans at half off. I may not have my small jeans, but now I know they fit!!

Well thats all for today…. I feel so much happier now. It’s actually kind of amazing I need to remember this feeling so that I know that when I am stumped I can just head on over here and write myself into a better mood!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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