Getting Over Gifting

Do you ever have trouble after the holidays, walking through a mall and seeing something in a store window that would make a great gift for someone, and realizing its January. The persons birthday is nowhere near this time and Christmas is gone… I think that may be a reason I love the holidays, I get to indulge my love of shopping for a while and it’s totally acceptable.

 Well, now its January, I’m broke, and I certainly don’t have anyone to buy gifts for right now… So I need to stop! Willpower girl! I work in an office tower above a mall, so there is no avoiding malls for me. But I have to train myself to love window shopping.

 The next gifts I need to think about are in March and April. So then I can worry about gifts.

 As I have said before, I am a list writer! I have to keep stuff organized. I am also a budget writer. I have a budget written for myself that goes until July of this year. I will have to reevaluate in March as there are some changes to my salary at that point, but I can still guess pretty accurately.

This year I happen to have two trips to go one. I will be heading to Hawaii with my family in October and then Mexico for a Wedding in November. I’m looking at a few thousand dollars for that. So I have to curb my spending.

 Thankfully this does tie in with weight loss in a small but significant way: NO MORE FAST FOOD.

 Honestly I know for a fact that I can never completely cut out fast food. There are many situations in my life where it is unavoidable, but I also don’t have to eat at the food court every day. I have done this before and it was terrible! I was always broke, felt terribly sluggish, and gained weight. It made me very unhappy and it also made me feel bad about myself. I felt so stupid. “How stupid am I to do this to myself. I’m making myself so unhealthy.” But at the time those were the decisions I made. I was not in a good place at that point, if I could go back and change it would I? Yes absolutely. But at this point I cannot say I regret it. I did enjoy food without abandon and I am paying for it now, but I also learned that I don’t like that person. I don’t want to be that girl again. Depending on a food court or a drive through to make myself feel better. That was a sad time for me, and now I’m much happier, healthier, and proud!

I’m so proud of myself. I’ve worked very hard, I’ve learned good eating habits, I’ve made good choices, and I’ve informed myself on what is and isn’t ok for me.

 So now I don’t rely on food to make me feel better. Which alleviates some of my spending issues. I definitely don’t spend nearly as much money on eating food, and I also have more willpower as I tend to be having success with window shopping instead of reckless buying.

 I loveDisneyland. What I need to think to myself, my mantra if you will, is “Would you rather have that movie or go to Disneyland?” “Would you rather have that unnecessary bedding or go to Disneyland?” “Does your Mom really need another mug? I think she would rather go to Disneyland”

 I will keep that mantra going and I think it will help.


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