Little something something

I posted about goals a little while ago, and I’ve heard before and it was again suggested that I go for small goals and reward myself for hitting them with something small. I’ve always had trouble thinking of rewards, and I’m a list person so if I don’t have something written on a lost I tend to lose focus and forget.

I started a list recently I wrote down my current small goal, and then broke my weight loss down into five pound increments. I chose a reward for my current goal and then I wrote down a few more. I stopped though and found myself stumped again. The next one to write was 50lbs… That’s a pretty big achievement. I want to have a good reward for that, but I also know I’m not going to be there probably for another few months. Maybe I will want something totally different at that point… So I decided that I will work towards the goals and rewards I currently have written down and then when I get closer to 50 I will decide. Goals are important but I happen to know that I can’t get ahead of myself. Every time I do that I forget the reality of the situation and end up completely sabotaging myself. 

Here is my current list:(These all go with just my weight watchers loss and do not include the additional 8lbs I lost before I started. I figure it would make it much easier to keep track and in the back of my head my actual loss can be my little secret)  

 10%/27lbs – New headphones & book off of Amazon

30lbs – Nail studs and jewels, and a dotting tool

35lbs – Thrift store or sale jeans

40lbs – Book from Amazon

45lbs – Add a Disney movie to my collection





Goal Weight: Disneyland!!!

 Other ideas I have include: Necklace, hair accessories, Earrings, Picture frames, Lego or for a big one a large lego set, New pens, new journal….

 What do you reward yourself with?


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