So I have been sick the last couple days. apparently that affects weight? or maybe it was due to the fact that i quit smoking, so I may have snacked a little bit…. who knows…

My weigh in was on Tuesday which was the day that I got hit with whatver sickness got me, I had stayed all day at work and I just wanted to be good and weigh in even though I felt like crap. So I weighed in and I was 3lbs up!!! sigh….

That really sucked.

The reality is that there a lot of things that could have caused the gain. It could have been a bit of quit smoking snacking, it could have been my body storing stuff to try to make me better, I could have just been retaining water that day…Really, I don’t know the cause, no one does. This happens though. Weight fluctuates. I didn’t feel bad about it, mostly becuase I already felt like garbage and guilt wasn’t going to help, but alos because I knew I could fix it. If it was a true gain, I can lose it again, if it was just becuase I was sick, maybe it will go away when I’m completely better.

Too often we get so upset over gains, but the reality is that gains happen. There is no point in letting ruin everything. Just have to jump back on track.

………..Sigh…. I’m still not feeling 100%, so thats all for now, my brain just cannot handle more writing.


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