Bad Weather = Great mood

I’m in a wonderful mood today… I’m really not sure why… but I totally am accepting it with no question!

Today the weather here is terrible. It is raining like crazy, so bad that there are reports of flooding all over the local area. But I have my blind open at work, 19 floors up, and I’m watching it fall!

I love rain, I always have. The sound of it, the fresh smell, the way it feels. Rain is great! I mean, like people there are times when it sucks, maybe it’s too cold or its pelting down so hard it hurts, but for the most part I find it relaxing.

I don’t have an umbrella at work so I went for a walk in the mall, in and out of stores. I didn’t spend any money so thats a great thing for me! ha ha. Where I live it rains a lot. So I knew better than trying to walk in the rain in the jacket I had without an umbrella…. that would lead to me being soaking wet all day. Its ok to be soaked from rain if you can change into dry clothes after, but not so much when you have to go sit at a desk for hours.

After work tonight I will go for a walk, I have umbrellas and raincoats at home.

Today at work we had a pizza lunch. I prepared for it, I have a small dinner ready at home, I counted the points before I ate it, and I stuck to my plan of only having two slices. I am super proud of myself. All I have to eat now are apples and fruit is free with Weight Watchers, so I’m good to go!

I’m actually excited for my meeting on Tuesday. I think because my Mom is coming with me officially for the first time! 🙂

Well I better get going. I am sending all of my positive wonderful mood vibes to you all!


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