Down again!

Woohoo! After weigh in last night I was down 0.8lbs. That makes me very happy. I’m still one pound away from losing all 4lbs I gained, but I’m confident that I will get there.

Last night Mom and I got the Weight Watchers portion spoons, and the portion plates. Unfortunately we had pita pizzas for dinner last night so we didn’t get to try them out, but tonight we are having stir fry, with rice, so I will totally be using the spoons to get a correct portion of rice!

Strange, but I’m super excited about using the portioning tools.

I’m doing well with my tracking, but I keep forgetting my water bottle at home so I need to remember my water bottle.

I also forgot my fitbit again… I clip it in to my bra, but  last night I had to put it on the charger, so I forgot it attached to my computer. I’m pretty sure I do that every single time I charge it.

I’m still working to get my steps in today though 🙂 I may not have proof but I will know in my head that I got the steps I need!


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