Tasty, delicious…….water…..

Water! I love water! Which is a funny thing for me to say because for years I went on and on about how much I hated the taste of water. For the last three years I have made a huge effort to keep hydrated. I’ve always known water was good for me and the amount of diet pop I was drinking was bad, but those diet pops are truly addictive! So I firmly believed that those were the only things that would quench my thirst.

So about three years ago, in the summer, I noticed that I was regularly feeling dizzy. I felt exhausted, dizzy, lightheaded, and occasionally things just weren’t making sense. Then I got hit with heatstroke after a trip to the lake. My friend then suggested I drink a sports drink because they are made to hydrate and to replace electrolytes. After I drank it there was almost immediately a feeling of relief, so I stopped at the gas station and bought two more bottles as I was just about to embark on a three hour journey home. For some reason that was the moment it hit me, that hydration is actually important, and if I had been drinking water during the day I wouldn’t have had to feel so terrible in the first place. From that point on I made sure to add water to my diet. It became a constant goal to try to have a glass or bottle of water, instead of reaching for my can of pepsi.

Thankfully I succeeded and now I drink more water than anything else.

I had never been someone who believed that pop, diet pop, or sugars in general were addictive, but a few years ago I experienced something that made me realize it’s true. I went out of town to visit family. I had been completely pop free for a couple of months at home, and I was feeling fine. I didn’t even miss it! When I arrived at the family home, I was presented with a couple of cases of pop!! Two of my favorites, diet Dr. Pepper, and diet Orange Crush. I was all over it! I was there for about a week and I drank almost every single can! When I got back home, to my pop free household, I just felt like I needed to have more pop. So I went straight to the store and I got myself a case of Diet Orange Crush. Since then, I haven’t stopped drinking pop completely, but I have made sure to cut it down in a big way. Way back before I had any sort of hydration revelations, I was drinking 4-6 cans a day. Now I drink at least 80oz of water per day, and one, maybe two cans of pop per day.

Now, that’s not perfect, but it is improvement. I also have realized that I don’t want to stop drinking pop completely. I quite enjoy it.

So I’m currently sitting at my desk and I have a 24oz water bottle beside me that I have filled three times. I love it! Water is amazing, it does so many great things for your body. For me I feel like it keeps me hydrated, which keeps me energized, which keeps me moving. Water also helps to flush bad things out of your body, which is always a good thing.

Drink your water folks! I promise you will get used to the taste eventually. Soon you may even like it!!!


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