T…t….track it out!

Tracking everything I eat is hard! I almost always screw it up on the weekends. Last weekend though I decided that I needed to try to fix that. While shopping with my Mom I found a beautiful journal and I decided I needed to own it. I was just a couple days away from finishing my official WW tracker, one of the three month trackers, so this would be my new tracker.


I couldn’t even wait until I was done my old tracker. I started right away! As soon as I got home I tracked everything that I ate! Something about the beautiful map covered pages just inspired me, and I could not resist. I can now say I have faithfully tracked every day. Now, can I possibly track through Sunday and Monday? Saturday is a work day for me, so tracking is easy, but Sunday and Monday I’m off work. I don’t have the book sitting next to me on a desk all day, nor do I have a pen within reach. So I’m going to have to make myself work for it.

My goal for this weekend is to TRACK!

I wonder if others have the same problem, good tracking through the week, then nothing on weekends?


One thought on “T…t….track it out!

  1. Yes, I have the same problems. I am using myfitnesspal to track my meals and I always struggle through the weekends. I have to agree that the right tool makes all the difference. A great notebook or a new pen is always encouraging. I hope you can reach your goal. Good luck today!!!


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