Happy Fri-aturday

Today is Saturday. For me it is Friday. My weekend starts officially in half an hour! Hooray!Today I’m going to go across the border despite the terribleness of the Canadian Dollar. It’s ok, I’m just getting cheese and yarn…. Maybe some weight watchers stuff as well.

My Mom and I make nearly monthly trips down south mostly to buy groceries. We do have our own wonderful things up North, Ketchup Chips and Poutine oh yeah, but the States just happens to have a better selection of weight watchers products.

Often we come home with many new frozen meals and treats, and cream cheeses and yogurts. Did you know you can’t buy individual yogurts in Canada? You have to buy packs of 16… or 4 if you are getting Greek yogurt. I’m not a big yogurt fan though so I tend to only eat certain flavours and buying 16 means 4 different flavours and for me there is usually only one that I like.

Such a bummer.

So I’m looking forward to coming home with some delicious things tonight.

I love living where I live, in less than an hour I can be in a completely different country! For someone who loves travel this is a bit of an exciting novelty.

Anyway! See ya later United States of America! I will be happy to be in you tonight!!!


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