Rearrange my brain

I’m so terrible!

Hello friends!! I am so sorry. I am really not into my blog right now. I’m just not feeling it. I think it all has to do with depression. Being depressed sucks. I just don’t want to do anything, the thought of any amount of work is too much in my head.

I know it’s a problem, and I know I should probably talk to someone, but I’m scared to talk to someone.

I think I’m going to force myself to focus a bit on one of the most wonderful and simple depression aids. Exercise! So it’s time to make a plan, time to prepare and get ready, and realize I can do this.


  1. Pack lunches the night before (This week it’s ham sandwiches)
  2. Make sure to bring a breakfast
  3. Walk on break, and on lunch
  4. Remember my anchor
  5. Aim to complete 2 workouts at home this week.

I can do this. I really can. I just need to fight myself a bit more, I need to fight.

I’m going to try to bring more positivity into my life! More  smiles, less tears, more courage, less self pity.

I am a pretty great person. I just need to let go of some anger, and accept myself. Fat is not who I am. My body has some fat on it, but I have an identity, I have dreams and hopes, feeling, people I love and people who love me. So I need to let go of this self hate. I’m amazing. I really am.


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