Deep Breath

Well!! I think many people will be happy to hear that after my last post I actually contacted a counsellor. My work offers free counselling services, so I sent off an email. I have yet to hear back, but it is free digital, in person, or over the phone. I am scared, and new people make me nervous, so I chose digital for now. Maybe if I can talk to someone through the internet I can progress to meeting with a live human heh.

Talking about your feeling is scary, and I’m not very good at it. It’s hard to verbalize the feelings that get mixed up in your head. But if I don’t at least try I can never get better.

I have been tracking my food religiously the last few days, ever since my terrible weigh in. I know that it works if I keep track, so I need to remember the success that I have when I do. I’m also being sure to wear my fitbit. I lowered my goal again so that it is actually achievable for someone who works at a desk, but still something I have to strive for. This week I have worked hard to plan lunches and I am making sure to make food every night. I have breakfast ready to go and snacks on hand. My big goal this week is no Diet Pop at work. Coffee is still a bit of a necessity in the morning, but at work I want to drink only one coffee per day, I can have all the green tea and water I want though.   

My friend created a facebook group for all of our friends who are working to lose weight, so I now have a whole new support system. I’ve been to shy to post to it so far, but I’m working up the courage…. Hell maybe I will just link my blog…. After I check it to make sure there is no damaging information ha ha.

I really appreciate any comments to this blog, as long as you aren’t mean or rude, please please let me know what you think and how you feel. Seeing someone elses perspective of my brain rambles helps me a lot.

Positive thing of the day: Tonight I am going to see one of my best friends, she is the one who started the weight loss group on facebook. I get to spend tonight talking with her about life, and playing with her sweet 15 month old daughter. I’m actually really excited. This woman is one of the people in my life who I have loved the most. We spent most of highschool attached at the hip. I don’t see her nearly as much now, so I’m very happy to talk with her tonight.



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