Up and up

Good morning!

I’m feeling very good today. I’m not sure why. I just noticed that one of my exes is all about one of my brothers exes/my former friend… I’m not her biggest fan after what she did to my brother, but the two of them makes sense. I can actually see them being a great couple. I’m curious to see how this unfolds. He and I really didn’t work, for a lot of reasons, but I would love to see him happy!!

This morning I had my usual Friday breakfast! My carpool buddy and I always have McDonalds on Friday! So tasty! I have a nice big coffee on my desk and I had a bacon and egg mcmuffin. I used to get a sausage mcmuffin, but the bacon and egg one is 2 points less and it has egg on it. Mmmm. I went over my points yesterday, but I only used 7 weeklies. I’m feeling positive and I think I will be down when I go to weigh in on Tuesday. This weekend I’m going to work out or swim. It’s going to be really hot so I’m thinking I will just go for a swim, some friends are going to a lake on Sunday. I might join them.

I didn’t wear walking appropriate shoes today… so I’m not going to go for a long walk. I am going to at least do a lap around the mall, and then I am going to buy a lottery ticket and a salad.

Today is Friday, my long day at work, but it feels like it is going to be a good one. I think that last night was therapeutic for me. We talked and talked for hours. We talked about weight loss as both of us are working on that, we talked about purchasing your first home, we talked about money, we talked about kids, we talked about the world and everything in it. She is truly a great person and I’m lucky to know her.

I’m trying to decide the focus of this blog. So far it is what it is, it is me rambling about my feeling for my own benefit, because sometimes you just need to get stuff out and know that someone else in the world can see it and possibly relate. This isn’t an educational blog, it’s just me and my feelings and experiences. Some people blog to inspire…. I really just do it because I need an outlet. That’s why I’m working so hard to remember to blog these days. I want to get my thoughts out for my own good.

Positive thing of the day: Work is slightly more relaxed today, so it’s going to be fun. Also tomorrow is Saturday which means my work week is almost over



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