So I think I am going to post images from my tracker (quickly done screencaps) for accountabilities sake. To prove that I tracked every day.

I’m going to try my best to remember!!

I am so proud of myself for yesterday! I really wanted to go get Chinese food, and not even the vegetable kind, but I realized I hadn’t eaten my sandwich yet, so I ate my sandwich and didn’t even want to buy food after, usually I say screw it but I contained myself.

Today I bought a salad at subway because I was still hungry after my sandwich, I only ate half of the salad…. if that.

June 10 Tracker June 11 Tracker

I’m trying really hard, last night with my friend we skipped the movie and instead went for a nice walk in the park. It was such a perfect night for a walk, not too hot at all. We even got to play with some puppies! I love dogs so much!!

Tonight I’m going to have to see about timing, my friends group is going for a walk, but I’m not sure I will be done dinner in time. I think I might stay home and go for a walk with my Mom this evening instead.

Positive thing for the day: I am having a great day at work, and though it feel like I have accomplished nothing, I have actually gotten a good amount of stuff done. Also I’m finally catching up on my podcasts.

SIDE POSITIVE FOR YESTERDAY! I got to see my friend in a wedding dress that she got for FREE that looks phenomenal on her! It’s so pretty! I’m very happy for her.


One thought on “Accountability

  1. Just found your blog and think you’re doing great! 🙂 I just started WW myself (like, literally just started last week!), so Sunday weigh-in will tell a lot! Keep it up!


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