Cheating or planning ahead?

So I just got the go ahead and my brother and I are going to head to the lake this weekend!! Yay! That’s very exciting. It means a weekend of swimming, walking/hiking, reading on the dock, stargazing at night, and a little bit of sleeping in a room that is far too hot for my liking…  In preparation I decided to write down all the foods I intend to eat, then to get a points approximation I put it all into my WW tracker. I wanted to be sure I had enough weeklies to cover it. I do indeed have enough! So that works perfectly… but now I feel almost like I’ve cheated on my goal to track every day. I already filled in Sunday and Monday, and that was the most important part. I guess now I just need to be sure I follow the plan, or if I change it then I need to alter my tracker. Hmm am I cheating, or being smart and planning ahead? I can’t decide.

Bonus is, I now have a grocery list all prepared for foods I need for myself, I’m definitely going to enjoy, from my tracked it looks like I’m using 10 weekly points per day this weekend. Thankfully I didn’t use many this week so I’m good for the weekend. It’s not a healthy menu, it’s an easy menu, but I figure if I am tracking it and it all fits in then it doesn’t need to be healthy.

Also I am going to be buying Chee Cha puffs (2 points for 2 cups!) and Almonds to eat as a snack. I will probably also buy a nice dark chocolate bar and have a piece or two a day. Oh wow! I totally forgot about ice cream….. There is this place there called Tickleberry’s… they have like 100 flavours of ice cream, they sell fudge, and chocolate covered blueberries (aka Tickleberrys). They also sell a bunch of cute gift stuff, and home made jams and jellies. My brother hasn’t been in a few years so I think we might have to make a special trip there… it does take a couple hours though, so maybe he won’t want to take that time out of our one full day. I guess we will find out.

My Grandparents have owned this place since I was 2. It has been a constant in my life. I love going there. It’s just a small place far down from the main roads. Our place is right on the lake so we have our own beach, and a dock that goes out over the water. We don’t really have a boat but we do have a canoe that we can use. It is a quiet village and it smells like orchards. Strangely I almost always feel inspired to write while I am there. I used to spend nearly the entire summer there when I was a kid and I read A LOT of books while being there, so I guess it just made my imagination flow. I’m going to bring a brand new completely empty journal and maybe I will write something fun.

I’m going to add my tracker for today, I’ve already added the dinner I’m having tonight and my lunch at work. Now I need to muddle over my dilemma of whether I am cheating on my goal or not!!!

Let me know your opinion: cheating? Or planning?June 12 Tracker

POSITIVE THING FOR TODAY: I get to go shopping at wal-mart tonight for my trip to the lake tomorrow!!


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