Thank you all for such great positive comments on my last post. I was feeling pretty bad at that point. After I posted that I decided that I should try the weight watchers 24 hour online chat. It actually helped tremendously. Afterward I had a few new ideas and I felt so much more positive.

I went to Weight Watchers last night and I was up 1.8lbs. Good news is…. I didn’t cry! I held my head up and my Mom and I walked out, both of us being up this week, both of us smiling. We went straight home, where we made ourselves a good dinner and planned out our meals for this week.

Tonight I am making us a healthy version of chicken cordon bleu, with a side of broccoli and carrots! It will be delicious!

I tracked everything I have eaten today and I drank water all day. I did have a coffee this morning, but I will make sure to drink more water when I get home and no diet pepsi.

In just under two weeks my family is heading to Toronto. I’m expecting to be eating in restaurants a lot. I’m going to have to work very very hard at making healthy choice instead of ordering whatever sounds delicious. Does anyone have any great ideas for restaurants? Keep in mind I can’t take half with me. I’m thinking maybe just have appies… or being sure to have green salad as a side instead of fries or mashed potato. I am probably going to be on my phone a lot calculating points and reading the nutritional info heh. I also plan on saving all of my weekly points. Bonus is that the trip crosses my weight watcher week border, so I will have one set of weeklies the first three days and then the last two days I will get more weeklies…. I am totally going to use that to my advantage…

I’m not going to get into hard core working out, though one day I would like to start working out, but for now I’m going to be walking a lot more. I want to be able to earn lots of activity points. I usually try not to use them, but if I’m not tracking or not paying attention I end up going over them. My goal is to earn activity points by walking on my lunch break, and then to avoid using them.

This week I am going to be dedicated to tracking, water, walking, and portion sizes.

I can do this.


Thank you guys again for all the helpful comments, seriously it meant a lot to me.


Positive thing for the day: Today I discovered that you can send Starbucks gift cards digitally. It is my friends birthday and she lives far away, so I sent her a starbucks gift card through email….. That’s just so cool. I love the internet.


8 thoughts on “Woo!

  1. If you can’t take half with you, that’s ok. Normally, wasting food is no bueno, but in this kind of situation, it’s ok. It’s better that it turns to waste in the trash can than to fat in your body that you will fight to burn off. Order something healthy, eat until you’re full, and oh well to the rest. Even better, share with a friend!

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  2. Hey your outlook is so much brighter today. Alright alright… 😉 As for the eating out situation you might look at the kids meals. I love to eat off the kids meals. Like grilled food kiddie style is a perfect portion. Just a thought. Glad your day has turned out better.

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  3. You are doing so well! Good idea keeping away from diet pepsi, that stuff kills the metabolism! While you are away do as you said, order side salads or vegies with your meals, water for your drink and order a small portion.. A lot of the time losing weight is about our portions.. Say if the restaurant you go to has giant steaks! Order one if you like steak but share it with your Mum and nice salad or veg on the side.. That way you don’t miss out but your portions are smaller 🙂

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