WW out the window!! (Trip Report)


So I got on a plane on Saturday, and I waved goodbye to weight watchers as soon as I looked out the window!!! Wow did I eat bad!!! But damn did I eat well!!! Oh man so much good food on that trip. I missed my weigh in but I’m sure to be up like 5lbs!

I know that you are supposed to be good even while on vacation, but it didn’t even cross my mind. I just let go of the mentality of watching what I ate and jumped into the “Vacation Mode: I’m gonna eat what I want cause I’m here and I can.” Part of that mentality came from the fact that some of the restaurants I ate at don’t exist at home. So I figured I should just enjoy it while I can. I won’t even lie, I enjoyed it immensely.

Day 1: Once we landed we went out to Jack Astors, a restaurant that doesn’t exist where I live, and I had a Tuna Poke appetizer (3/10 wasn’t worth it) and a Brie Burger (8/10 totally frickin delicious).

Day 2: The next morning It was fruit loops for breakfast, and then we went off on a day trip to Niagara on the Lake. On the way out we stopped at Mcdonalds because we decided to try the “Canadian Taste Adventure”. We taste tested the Eastern Canadian Mclobster (3/10I was not expecting a cold sandwich). Because we were disappointed I halved a quarter pounder with my Dad. Then we were on the road again. We wandered the pretty streets of the town and I took a load of pictures. If you have never been, it is totally worth it for a day trip. We just walked up and down the street for hours going in and out of shops. One of the shops was a bakery… a bakery that had gigantic butter tarts topped with chocolate and peanut butter and skor and caramel. I had a chocolate skor butter tart (9/10 Was phenomenal in taste, but the whole thing is a bit too much sweetness, good to share though.) We headed back into town and stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner(BBQ chicken pizza 6/10 They put tomato sauce on instead of barbeque) and then to see Jurassic World. I was very disappointed in Jurassic World. I had heard such good things, but it just didn’t work for me. I guess I was expecting that thrill that I got, and still get when watching the first. Also the people sitting next to me had a toddler at a late showing, and ate smelly food they brought from home…. Total atmosphere destroyer.

Day 3: Monday was the only day we had really good weather. We started off with some cereal for breakfast and then we went out to the lake to check out the boat. We stopped in a marina on the way and had lunch on the dock. I had a Roast Beef Dip Sandwich with fries. The beef was actually cut from a roast beef, not deli meat! Oh wow was that tasty! (8/10 so yummy!). Then we were off to the boat. It was such a nice sunny day and the water was calm. We got the boat ready to go and then went out for a bit of a ride. We came back to the dock and tied her up then we just relaxed. My mom and I sat on the back of the boat with our legs dangling in the lake and drank a nice cold beer. Then the fishing rods came our and we sat and caught(and released) a bunch of little bass and crappie fish. After fishing the wind started to pick up so we decided to head back to town. We went to Red Lobster(another place that doesn’t exist where I live) and I had an “Ultimate Feast” so I got crab legs, lobster tail, deep fried shrimp and garlic baked shrimp. (10/10 I freaking love seafood.)  I had a sangria to drink which was more juice then wine but still good. We shared a lava cookie for dessert and a slice of chocolate cake. (8/10 mmmm dessert)


Day 4: Tuesday we headed in to downtown Toronto. We had such a fun day, we wandered around by train museum (which was so not worth it! Seriously don’t pay to go in the train museum it is so disappointing) There were some cool old trains outside. Then we headed down to the lakeshore to check out the boats and the Amsterdam Brewhouse. That was fun!! We each had a flight of beer and an appetizer.

BeerflightI did not love the beers, I’m just not one for fancy beer, give me a Molson Canadian and I’m a happy girl.  Then for my appy I had a poutine(4/10 barely and flavour to the gravy and nowhere near enough cheese. ) My mom tried a pretzel bun cheddar dip! Damn that was good, soft pretzel buns and a nice cheesy dip(9/10 would eat again). Once we were done there we wandered around the lake a bit more and then headed back towards the CN tower. We had some time to kill before the baseball game so we went to the aquarium which is right outside the stadium. The aquarium is pretty blah at first but then you get to this are where you step on a moving escalator and it takes you through a tunnel. The tunnel is under an aquarium that is filled with sharks and tropical fish and local fish and huge sawfish and some Rays as well. That was so cool. That part is what makes the aquarium worth it. Once we were done there we went to the ball game! We got some hot dogs, and popcorn, a few beers and diet coke. The game was great! It was my first baseball game and I really enjoyed it! I would definitely go again! It was a lot of fun. I love live sports. I love football, hockey, soccer, baseball…. Not a big fan of basketball though.

Day 5: Time to head home. We went back to Jack Astors for lunch before I got on a plane to come home. I had a Cajun chicken sandwich, which was destroyed by adding guacamole, and some dippin donuts! The donuts were really good.I decided to upgrade the seats we were sitting in and got us row 1. We had so much legroom it was ridiculous. I also got complimentary food and beverage for sitting in the plus seats, so I enjoyed a beer, and a sandwich on the flight.

Plane It was the best flight I have ever been on. So comfortable, and great service!

All in all it was a lot of fun. I definitely threw my diet out the window and enjoyed myself, but sometimes it is worth it. I got right back on track today. I am tracking and planning what I’m going to need to buy for groceries for the rest of the week.

Now I’m going to make a plan to get me back on track!